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13 Reasons Why Ice Cream Is The Love Of Your Life

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There’s love for food. There’s love for desserts. And then, there’s ice cream. What more is there to say? Ice cream is above and beyond all things good and pure. No more explanation needed.

Following are the things people are crazy for ice cream will understand.

1. You know all kinds of flavors from different brands

And sometimes the options drive you crazy.

2. No season or sickness can stop you from having it

In fact, ice creams are more fun during the winters. Ever had one at India Gate during December?

3. You don’t fuss over what to eat for dessert, because you already know it’s ice-cream

“I’ll have a butterscotch.”

4. Sometimes, you substitute meals with ice-cream

It’s the only meal you need.

5. You have to have an ice-cream cone in your hand every time you go out

Okay, maybe not always, but often. 

6. Your fridge might run out of any food item, but it’ll always have ice-cream

7. Ice-creams in different colors always fascinate you

More flavors to try 

8. Your local shop owner knows what your favorite flavor is, and will generally keep them in stock

9. You have tried making ice cream at home, but failed miserably

And so have the others, apparently.

10. You eat ice-cream when you’re happy, unlike the others who eat it when they’re sad

Ice-cream is such a misunderstood food. Sigh.

11. You have tried the craziest ice-cream combinations

Fried ice-cream, ice-cream sandwiches, pickle ice-cream anyone?

12.You try out local ice-creams every time you travel

13. And finally, you know that when your day has nothing good to offer, there’s always some ice-cream waiting for you back home

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that’s kind of the same thing.

Now where’s my ice cream?